I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Sorry for the absence, things have taken a different dynamic.

I will let you all know of the update soon.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glory Glory

Well one of Fergie's many signings that have failed to deliver to the hype and their transfer fees has finally broken the dry scoring spell and smashed in a beauty of a late winner.
And it couldnt have come at a better time.

Javier Hernandez, a Mexican summer signing saw off the Valencia home side with an 85th minute strike that silenced the crowd, and his critics.

A vital away win at the tough home ground in Spain, Man United had to rebound from their disappointing draw with Bolton at the weekend. With a newly fit Rio Ferdinand returning to the back line, and some late substitutes to cover the out-of-form Wayne Rooney, the win was Im sure a weight off every Reds' shoulders. I was unable to watch the match, as its not exactly football mad, here in Revelstoke, but I anxiously awaited the result.

1-0 to United!! and cue the fist pumps.

Now I can only hope they continue this form this weekend, as they face Sunderland.

Now Im just waiting for my call up to the first team, so I can start my United scoring legacy......

The North Face Paclite Jacket

This is a new model, released this year from North Face's Summit Series line, dedicated to alpine and mountaineering requirements. Usually this means, light and functional.
And it is.

Ive been rocking it for about 3 weeks now, and its awesome. Its GoreTex, which means waterproof like a rubber duckie, and its breathable, like the screen door to my trailer I keep running into.
It has full draw cords, to tighten nicely around your melon, and it has a rigid peak on the hood to let the rain fall down like a Hilary Duff song. Oh and it fits over a climbing helmet.
I like that its super light, and like most lightweight jackets, can be packed away into something the size of a McChicken. And of course it has to be black, otherwise I will soil it like a poopy diaper.

Heres a photo from the website, and you might notice me rocking out in it in a few of my own.
Its a no-brainer that its coming with me to the jungle, and Im counting on it to keep my backside dry while Im peddling around the Mexican countryside....

It retails at $299, but worth every penny when you want to keep dry during a climb, or a hot date!

can't wait.


So today I trekked the Balu Pass, in Glacier National Park, about 40 mins east of Revelstoke.

Its an epic hike, where once you scale the 2100m sub-alpine summit, you are surrounded by a panorama of snow capped mountains, and receiting glaciers. Its truly amazing, and I was lucky to have such awesome weather!

The corner office?
Or the trunk of a rental car, converted into the typically crammed gear pile, serving as the temporary conference room?

Ha Ling

Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Where in the world is Nate?

Ha Ling Peak
Summit, 2407m
Canmore Alberta

Saturday, September 11, 2010

um please watch this, or i wont like you anymore.


Friday, September 3, 2010

The first post that was written same day in 4 months!

He's finally done it! He got his life together and entered a post the same day as it occurred!

Its actually a bummer, because although Ive been writing offline, and editing them before I upload, it takes away from the writing. Whenever I do it same day, or at most a day after, I remember the important details, the small ones like sights, smells and things I would normally forget. Instead, I'm trying to regurgitate them from months ago, and it just isn't the same...I still have 2 weeks from my Miami hitch that haven't been entered, from back in March!
And it probably also doesn't help that the first day I do so, could very well have been the most boring day Ive had all summer(I'm not even kidding)

Here goes!

I initially woke up at what my cloudy eyes determined to be 6:47am. Or maybe it was 8:47am. I don't know. All I do know is it was way earlier than I wanted. I rolled over and attempted a few more hours.
It was a successful attempt, however, I woke up with a sharp pain. I was going through some new gear last night and didn't clear off the bed when I went to sleep. Trekking pole rib shot works quite well to stir people in a heavy slumber. After rolling around, headlocking the pillow for a while, I flicked on the TV, got my daily dose of sports highlights and news. Of course I had to deal with my Viking appetite, so I decided it was time to whip up some breaky, and since I was feeling crazy last night, buying Banana Nut Cheerios(they're new, and they're better than you think) thought Id give them a whirl. Well after something like six bowls, I made the switch to toasted Nutella, nothing short of amazing. Think of a big knife spreading clouds and unicorns across a warm toasty bread. But instead, its Nutella.... Yeah, I know.
So breakfast was yummy, and I had a big day ahead. That big day consisted of nothing but hanging around my small hotel room, and blogging. Wooo. Well I threw some Cosby Show on, and got to it. I'm at a crossroads with my strategy to upload; unsure as to whether or not I go alllll the way back several months and begin from there, day-by-day posts, or if I just start uploading some recent stuff, that would be a little more contemporary for you folks to read. The downside would be that its not in order, and random-ness would occur, not something that would make for easy readying. Or maybe Im just thinking about it too hard..Regardless, Ive been writing boatloads, and today was the Ironman of blogging, despite my break to watch a bit of tennis, and the French football match. The fun bit is also going through the heaps of photos that have compiled themselves into a million folders.
I also took the time to reply to the plethora of emails that Ive been meaning to respond to.
Every now and then I get an email from an old friend, or a stranger, and sometimes even someone I didn't particularly care for telling me their support, which is beyond encouraging. Just the other day I got an email from a girl in New Zealand that had stumbled across my blog and became 'addicted to the hitchhiking stories', a girl who sold me pants over a year ago in Ontario emailed me a while back, and Ive only finally been able to reply, (Kelly!!! I never forgot!) and then I got an email from one of my buddies' dads who expressed his support. (Greg, it was so good to hear from you! Hi Karen!!!) I often wonder if anyone even bothers with it, because I don't keep it up to date, and as well, the topics seldom interest people, it seems as though they would rather read something better than some kid hitchhiking around. But then I get the email from someone who does read it, and when one person contacts me in support, its worth while, and I get the feeling to just keep it going, and then some.
So today I didn't do much. The sun was shining, and it was about 25C outside, but I vowed to stay in. Well, it didn't help my tan(less) situation, but it did for blogging reasons. In Blog I must. I spent my afternoon organizing and uploading photos, writing and watching re-runs of Friends.
Its now coming up on 830pm and I have to be at the airport for noon tomorrow, to greet the new group. Were then scooting off to Vancouver Island, where we begin with the Juan de Fuca trail, followed by 3 days on the island, then ferrying back to mainland for some tours in the Squamish area. A world class climbing face is there, the Stawamus Chief and we'll be going up it! Its a mecca for local climbers, tons of videos have been shot there, and yours truly has climbed 3 routes! That's followed by a hike to Lake Garibaldi, one of the most beautiful scenes Ive seen in Canada. Its simply amazing, but getting there is no picnic, I think the last route we did was something like 6km with a 2000m rise in elevation, which if you know, is quite an incline in altitude. Anyways, I'm excited to get back, it was a good break, but I'm anxious to get into some fun again!
The hotel I'm staying at, the Beach Grove in south Vancouver, was actually the location for the new Owen Wilson and Jack Black film, so there's a copy of a few of their movies in the rooms, and after seeing most of them, am resorting to watching Marley and Me tonight. Its not emasculating, I'm eating steak and working out during it. Not actually, more like cuddling up with some cereal so don't hate.
Anyways, its an early morning, my bags are packed, I did some laundry, washed my rope, and showered!
I figured I had to post a photo to accompany the post, otherwise it would just be a bunch of boring words.

In a bored spell I decided to jump on the bed.... I does what I wants!

The Chief! Its got tons of routes, even more pitches, and provides a pretty awesome view! More or less western Canadian El Capitano

And me on top of it!!

Random Rant.

Well my last night in Naramata was quite a bit of fun. I went down to where a majority of my friends are staying, and we watched a couple of movies. Vlad, the Argentine cooked up an awesome fruit salad, Dom who had just returned from Nepal made ribs and popcorn, and the Peruvians rolled something fragrant up. We watched Hot tub time machine, which was funny, but not nearly as funny as I was expecting. I was however, more entertained by the soundtrack, which keeping in theme with the movie was full of 80s hits. I loved hearing the old stuff, and they were gems! Funny movie, but don't expect much.

I was also really unimpressed with a movie I thought was going to be awesome; Youth in Revolt, the new Micheal Cera movie. I normally like his acting style, the lovable geek or whatever, but this movie, which could have been brilliant, turned several directions I wasn't expecting, which just instigated the decline of the movie. Needless to say when the external drive disconnected 15 minutes to the end, I wasn't upset, and just went to bed.

I rarely get time to watch a movie, and was excited at the prospect of two new films I was expecting to enjoy, but they turned out to be more or less crap.

But there's always worse. I think that the cast from Jersey Shore is still alive, which I'm beginning to consider altering.....serious. I do alot of grocery shopping, and lately its been for 12 people, so I stand in line and all I can see are images of a washed up whore (Kardashian) making millions for nothing, and if not that, its about a group of douchebags and whores-in-training poisoning the minds of youth. 'Scuse my French, but its true. Mainstream celebrities have more control than the entire Canadian government, which is ironically just as awful.

Anyways, its my mid-day rant after coming back from grabbing some grub(Nutella, yo!) and I felt compelled after seeing another People magazine dedicating their cover to some useless puppet that should have no real influence in society.

Have you ever heard of Katie Spotz? I didn't think so. Well shes a young girl who just rowed from FUCKING AFRICA TO BRAZIL. ALONE. (!!!!) It was in effort to raise money for safe drinking water globally. She completed it, received some media support, and doors have opened up for her, but not to a degree she deserves. She raised near $100,000. Fantastic, but if Kim Kardashian did an appearance at a hotel opening, she would make the same. Why? Does she deserve it? I don't think so. Sure shes worked to have her face as a household image, but for what? Being 'hot'. She had a sex tape, got famous and now doesn't do anything but sleep with pro athletes. I walk down the street and see plenty of girls more attractive.
Now, if I could only get them to talk to me.....
Alright, well as the posts will start pouring in, some of them will be out of order. I will be doing my best to keep them in timed accord, at least specifying when they happened.
Since I left the blog, Ive hitched from Sudbury to Quesnel, BC. I treeplanted a few weeks before rupturing my MCL. I then hitchhiked south to the Okanagan, where I spent a few months rehabilitating it, and working in the orchards. I was finally able to freely move it, and did everything I could with my new found mobility. After cherries, my buddy Yann asked me impulsively one night if I wanted to go to San Francisco with him. The next day. I of course said yes, and we hitched down for a wild wild two weeks. I flew home, and after only one day, I got an email saying to get to Revelstoke immediately, I'm starting as a mountain guide the next day. And that's what Ive been doing, now on a 10 day break, where I hitched from Calgary to Vancouver, taking my time and enjoying it. I begin again tmrw, and I'm making sure to get lots of rest, Nutella and finish this blog, despite the beautiful sunshine.
Here goes nothing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SO! in the last 48 hrs, Amir; a contractor who invited me to his condo for dinner with his wife and adorable daughter, a suicidal dude who had just split with his girlfriend, an hilarious pro mountain biker, an amazing lady named Nat and her smartest-on-the-planet-children who had to pull over so I could almost vomit due to an extreme Banff hangover, (and took me out for breaky in Lake Louise!)Donovan, a cool dude my age returning from a Christian retreat, and a nameless Parks Canada warden who said she felt bad seeing my heavy bags walking down the main street. Does it resemble the list of people you normally think pick up hitchhikers? Or does it kind of contradict, and prove that anyone with an open mind is willing to extend a hand? Hippie-dippie, I know, but good golly hitchhiking sure is great fun!

Oh and I randomly run into two people from treeplanting, we go camp for the night enjoying a fireside plethura of stories and an exhange of updates between mutual friends. A rowdy Raven woke me up only to start my day of hiking to Begbie Falls.(nothing short of awesome-ness)

Tmrw, I will be climbing at Begbie Bluffs in Revelstoke with some new climbing friends I met about an hour ago. Im now at the base of Mt Revy in a chalet, jamming to oldies while we cook up a feast, chatting and getting pumped for a day of sport climbing and maybe even a free climb! Then after all zat, I hitch to Naramata to meet with a few prodigal friends, and Ill spend 1 day in the Okanagan Valley, hopefully climbing at Skaha, and then making my way to Vancouver, in preparation of my next touring group with my new job, Alta expeditions, and Hauser exkursionen!
I know this doesnt suffice as a proper entry, but Im still on track to update the blog during this break, so be patient punks!

Anyways. You will all hopefully hear from me in a short while. If not, Im sure someone will auction off my stuff.

I miss you all, some more than others....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ok, well I have almost two weeks of a break between now and my next contract. I do, and I mean DO plan to have the blog up to date, thats alot of writing, but its a goal Ive set, and golly, I want to meet it, that includes; my hitch out west, treeplanting, hitch south, working in the OK, hitch to SanFran, and my new job as a mountaineering guide. Its alot, but its coming....heres a few snapshots of recent times.
This is climbing the First Brother, a series of 2000m+ peaks in Manning Prov Park.
This one is 2272m, as marked on the post. To use as a reference, Everest, the highest peak in the world is 8850m, so about 1/4 of that altitude. It was a good one, and we had a snowball fight on the south side!

With the group ahead, I snapped a quick one through the Juan de Fuca trail, Vancouver Island.

Well children, thats all for now, but until next time, have your pets spayed and neutered.

Shout out to the boys in Ottawa! Miss you losers....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh, Hi Mr Blog, how are ye?

Excuses, excuses, I know.
Ive been away from maintaining the blog for so long, but I promise its only been with good reason. A) was treeplanting, but we all know how that ended.(I did keep a journal for the most part) B) was me taking off down south to the Okanagan where electricity was scarce, Internet even more elusive. C) My side trip to SF, and now....my new job!

I am currently working as an assistant guide for a mountaineering expedition company, and we've been hired by a German outfitter to take on one of their groups. My first day went swimmingly well, we hiked the Balu, near Rogers Pass just outside of Revelstoke Ntl Park. They were all quite keen on seeing their first bear, and although they had been spotted in the area, we weren't so privileged.

Holy snap, just saw the time. I'm off to bed, tmrw we are climbing in Kokanee Glacier Ntl Park. Photos and in depth recap of the last 3 days to follow.

Elephant shoe.

Monday, August 2, 2010

is in San Francisco.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interstellar Love Affair.

Welcome to Naramata British Columbia, the closest thing to paradise this vast country has to offer.(this was in David Attenborough's Yorkshire accent)
It boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes you could imagine; full of lush rolling hills, green vineyards Tuscan style, warm sandy beaches, jumpable sand cliffs, climbable mountains, (there are still snow caps, and I stare at them in a Tshirt) and Deer run around like its bloody recess or something. Oh and theres a wild Peacock that roams around town, and its beyond amazing to see up close. This is where I have been for the past few days, and where I will call home for the next few months. I actually landed a pretty nifty camping trailer, and primped it out Nathan-styles, so it feels just like home. It even has a working fridge and stove. I made a pretty funny video; MTV Cribs-esque that Ill upload when I get a chance next. Its been raining more than usual, but I don't mind it, Ive always liked the rain. My knee is healing fairly well, although my decision to go cliff jumping the other day was lets just say, silly.
Ive been hitchhiking almost everyday, my last few rides were in the back of a pickup(always a favourite), with a few dope smoking hippies(can never complain) a former Olympic Kayaker(we spoke for an hour after he had dropped me off) a physiotherapist(how convenient; she is my new leg-fixer-upper), and just an hour ago I got picked up in a FedEx truck, the delivery one with the sliding door, it was fun trying to stay balanced while he hugged the corners of Naramata Road. I'm sitting now in the quaint town library, trying to regurgitate my last month into point form so I can start ambushing you kids with the shenanigans that I have been up to. I'm always worried about forgetting the details,(like the smell of the coyote carcass I saw while hiking a few days ago) as they are so crucial. This is why Ive been kicking it old school, and writing in my journal, no scratch that, diary. Yeah, diary is way more pre-tween schoolgirl, you know how I do.

describing how amazing it is, but theres always the downslope to every summit.

Speaking of, all of you ladies and germs need to read Into thin Air by Jon Krakenauer. He also wrote into the wild. Its about the 1996 Everest disaster in which many climbers perished. Its one of my favourite books, and I'm reading it again. That and Siddartha by Herman Hesse, which was given to me by Kyla, way back in Sault Ste Marie.

Well that's it for now, I'm off to set up my vagina-resembling hammock at the beach.

This is the view out of my camper, my laundry drying in front of Lake Okanagan.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today I had a wild wild morning with a 79yr old hippie who was driving in the other direction, yet stopped, pulled over, handed me a cigarette containing BC's infamous finest, a handful of beers and we exchanged hitching stories over a few coldies.
I mentioned how so many people think its dangerous to hitchhike, and he thought for a second.
Then he replied " Dangerous? Well I guess I could cut half my thumb off."

I thought it was funny.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, why herrow everybody.

Well in typical fashion, Ive disappeared and left many hanging once again. Also in typical Nate fashion; Ive gone an injured myself quite seriously doing something stupid and unnecessary. This mixture enables for a magical potion of my return to the blog! Ive been blessed with a memory that in certain circumstances, I can revisit, and will do so to the best of my ability to regurgitate the wild trip I was on out here, the three or so weeks I lasted planting before tearing my MCL and the trip I'm preparing for tmrw; hitching to the Okanagan to rehab the knee on a beach. I was going to hitch to Ontario, scoop someone up and return out here, but plans have changed, so Ill be getting some serious rest, digging my toes into the sand. I'm in a hotel in Quesnel today, I head to the hospital tomorrow for a final scan then Ill be heading to Naramata, the closest thing to paradise in Canada. I'm going to start some tonight(don't hold your breath) while I catch up on everything I didn't miss now that I'm back, and plugged into the world.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Educating the future!
I have photos and stories to come for this one, thought you all might like a sneak peak!

-I wish that everyone could follow their dreams with the enthusiasm and spirit of the youth.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Call of the Wild?

He was following us....
A wolf pup that curiously came up and hung out with us for a bit!! Mt Thor in the distance.

He even came snowboarding!

Just kidding! Its Gibson, Cory's hyperactive super-dog. He likes beer, cheese and bacon!
I had fun all week chasing him chase birds, rabbits and fish...

Crashing out on the couch, after a long day of doing whatever we want!
Hanging with me in the back of the truck, probably clocking a good 80 km/h on the dirt roads. Cory following on the bike.

In blog we must.

Second best blog ever!


All the kids are running around the ghetto, yelling out how cool this website is....

and such an appropriate title she picked.

tell your fwiends and enemies.

Welcome to bush life; a little sample.

The new truck, a steep $100 for more fun than any normal vehicle can handle. The thing is built like a German tank, turns like a Porsche, although many close calls at 90mph at a cliff turn.
A bus we found, no, not the bus, but a very cool bus still. We laughed about the stories this thing could probably tell us. Very Chris McCandless-esque.
The trek up the mountain for some backcountry shredding on 4/20.
The tree stump graveyard, hidden in the canyon. Mt Thor in the background.
Experimenting with a new lens trick....turned out pretty cool, considering thats about 2 kms away...
27 e-mails, wondering if I was dead, alive or alive but almost dead.

Although my week deep in the Kootenay mountains was eventful, and among epic proportions, and despite it including I think 5 near death instances, I am happy to report I am alive, and quite content, at that..

I was hitching from Banff to Lake Louise, when I got picked up and a something better came along than a few pics of a frozen lake. I was offered to stay in a cabin deep in the Revelstoke backyards, in a canyon near a town called Beaton, British Columbia, that offered anything and everything a person could dream of.
Ive been back into town for 15 minutes, and miss it terribly. Its a good thing Ill be calling it home soon. I HAVE SO MANY STORIES TO TELL. Over 460 photos to go along with too. I have 4 days until my rendezvous with my camp/crew and Ill try to pump out all the fun details before then....

Oh, p.s., Revelstoke is paradise.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well, I'm just packing my things, on my way just down the road, to Lake Louise, where Ill be spending the night. I'm getting pretty close to my final destination, where Ill be meeting the crew and heading north. I'm getting really excited, I have everything I need, my literal and figurative batteries are charged, and I'm ready for more adventures!
Cant wait to get to the famous lake, and grab my cliche photo!

Ill be posting more soon, lots of cool stories on their way up, plus one wild ride and turn of events in Calgary!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


After an abysmal week for United, crashing out of the Champions League, losing to Chelski, and held to a nil-nil draw at Blackburn, we neeeeeeded this win.

This morning was the Manchester Derby, arguably the biggest rivalry in football on an average day, more casualties than WWII on a bad day. Today was this occasion. United had slipped up in the title race, and with anything but the 3 points today, they were almost certainly out of the running with Chelsea.
Well thanks to a certain LEGEND of a ginger, Paul Scholes, just a day after signing a new contract with his career club, headed in a 90TH minute winner to seal the victory, and ensure United were still in the hunt for the Premiership title.
After an eventful, but scoreless match that looked to be destined to end in a square, the 'man with the copper top'( quoted in the video) saved our souls.

here's the clip. WATCH IT OR WE AREN'T FRIENDS.
red or dead!

Ben Rapisburger.

I think I can remember a TV show about some serial killer who went around killing serial killers. It was a pretty cool concept, though I never watched it.

Well when I hear of pieces of shit like Ben Roethlisburger, the NFL star accused of raping a 20yr old student, I wish I was set serial killer. He says he didn't do anything. I just saw a report from the DA that she says she was forced to have sex without consent. This f*cking monster should be thrown in jail and fed noodle water for the rest of his life. I have zero tolerance for violence against women and to hear of another superstar athlete on the brink of exemption to legal matter is appalling and makes me sick.
I saw some comparison online to Tiger Woods. First of all, each and everyone of Tiger's exploits was consensual. I don't support his decisions and think infidelity is also intolerable, but Tiger's only crime was consensual infidelity. Ben Roethlisburger is a piece of shit, and I'm choosing my words carefully.
Now, should she be another girl trying to get her 15 minutes on false accusations, she has issues and deserves jail time for such serious allegations, but she submitted a handwritten account of her night with him to the DA's office, so I don't think shes making it up.

Now I can just see it; he gets convicted, charged, and his millions and the NFL ensure he's throwing a ball again next season.
Where is the justice?

Chippewa Falls, hidden beaches and greasy burgers!

I slept in. Surprise surprise. Kyla was downstairs, starting one of her paintings, and I made my way down. It was such a bright, sunny day so we shared a few cups of java on her front steps. She lived in a downtown neighbourhood, and we hung out on the steps enjoying the warm sun. I decided to stay another night, as I just wasn't 'feeling' the hitch that day. Even though it was beautiful out, I had tons of time, and besides, Kyla was too cool!
She suggested going for a hike, as she so often does, and she knew of some great spots in the area.
We packed a daybag, and headed out in her Subaru. Northern Ontario is great in some respects, especially for outdoor-minded people who like to escape the city to hang out in the trees for a bit.
We headed north about 30 mins and stopped roadside to check out Chippewa Falls, and it was such a nice spot. The falls are beautiful, and there were enough people there who knew the secret. A few fishers, a few couples, but all had cameras out, because it was really pretty. Kyla and I walked up a rock face and chilled out for a bit, watching the water rush by without direction or resistance. It was actually pretty peaceful to just sit there in he sunlight. I was thinking about the next day, hitching again, and it had me pretty excited. We walked over to the other side of the rock face and found where it was a bit calmer, and hung out, watching the slow water catch its speed before hitting the rapids. I found a big ol' log sticking out and tried to walk across it. I have the core balance of a baby deer on ice.
We hung out for a bit, before heading back to the car. She wanted to take me just a bit further down the road, to her favourite beach that she often takes her boys to.
It was a hidden rock beach, and had some really amazing secrets. There was a long stretch of sand, but out of nowhere turned into water washed pebbles and jagged rock cliffs. They were covered in vibrant mosses, bright oranges, and lime greens. It was really cool.
We walked around to the west side of the point and hunkered down. She likes coming there and digging through the peculiar stones, finding little gems of multi-coloured rocks and polished-smooth ones you never would have thought could be natural. We hung out, talked and watched the sun set over Lake Superior. I wandered off and found a few faces to scramble, and there was even a natural crag, so I tried my luck at that. Nathan needs to get some upper body strength, especially if he wants to do well treeplanting.
As the sun was setting, tummies were grumbling, so we headed back to the Soo, and she felt like going out for a bite, so we did.
We drove to the downtown core, and she showed me the eyesore that is the main strip of Sault Ste Marie. No restaurants, no decent shops, it was dirty and there was nothing for the younger crowd to do. Oh, except shop at the dozen or more old lady clothing stores that lined the street. It was like Retimans met with Tabi and had a dozen bastard children after a weekend romp in the Steel City.
So we found ourselves at a little pub, and it was exactly what I love to spend my drinking sessions in; dark, dingy pubs with outdated ads and wood panelling under old Brit themed decorations. We had a pint, and we each grabbed a big greasy burger. It was pretty yum, although I for some reason couldn't finish it, which was surprising considering when I'm hungry Ill usually eat the ceramic plate too. We had got there fairly late, and by the time we were finished yakking and making fun of the hicks next to us, packed it in.
We spent the evening hanging out, listening to music, looking through books and talking about global issues. Global issues like the decline in youth productivity, people too afraid to talk to their neighbours, and Lady Gaga. It was getting late, so we both packed it in, and I went up to check my emails and upload pics. If ever I need assistance passing out, I surf to textsfromlastnight.com some late night laughs before passing out, and I did just that.

A white Usain Bolt.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Taken at Chippewa Falls, northen Ont, by my couchsurfing homeslice Kyla!!