I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Rant.

Well my last night in Naramata was quite a bit of fun. I went down to where a majority of my friends are staying, and we watched a couple of movies. Vlad, the Argentine cooked up an awesome fruit salad, Dom who had just returned from Nepal made ribs and popcorn, and the Peruvians rolled something fragrant up. We watched Hot tub time machine, which was funny, but not nearly as funny as I was expecting. I was however, more entertained by the soundtrack, which keeping in theme with the movie was full of 80s hits. I loved hearing the old stuff, and they were gems! Funny movie, but don't expect much.

I was also really unimpressed with a movie I thought was going to be awesome; Youth in Revolt, the new Micheal Cera movie. I normally like his acting style, the lovable geek or whatever, but this movie, which could have been brilliant, turned several directions I wasn't expecting, which just instigated the decline of the movie. Needless to say when the external drive disconnected 15 minutes to the end, I wasn't upset, and just went to bed.

I rarely get time to watch a movie, and was excited at the prospect of two new films I was expecting to enjoy, but they turned out to be more or less crap.

But there's always worse. I think that the cast from Jersey Shore is still alive, which I'm beginning to consider altering.....serious. I do alot of grocery shopping, and lately its been for 12 people, so I stand in line and all I can see are images of a washed up whore (Kardashian) making millions for nothing, and if not that, its about a group of douchebags and whores-in-training poisoning the minds of youth. 'Scuse my French, but its true. Mainstream celebrities have more control than the entire Canadian government, which is ironically just as awful.

Anyways, its my mid-day rant after coming back from grabbing some grub(Nutella, yo!) and I felt compelled after seeing another People magazine dedicating their cover to some useless puppet that should have no real influence in society.

Have you ever heard of Katie Spotz? I didn't think so. Well shes a young girl who just rowed from FUCKING AFRICA TO BRAZIL. ALONE. (!!!!) It was in effort to raise money for safe drinking water globally. She completed it, received some media support, and doors have opened up for her, but not to a degree she deserves. She raised near $100,000. Fantastic, but if Kim Kardashian did an appearance at a hotel opening, she would make the same. Why? Does she deserve it? I don't think so. Sure shes worked to have her face as a household image, but for what? Being 'hot'. She had a sex tape, got famous and now doesn't do anything but sleep with pro athletes. I walk down the street and see plenty of girls more attractive.
Now, if I could only get them to talk to me.....