I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Educating the future!
I have photos and stories to come for this one, thought you all might like a sneak peak!

-I wish that everyone could follow their dreams with the enthusiasm and spirit of the youth.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Call of the Wild?

He was following us....
A wolf pup that curiously came up and hung out with us for a bit!! Mt Thor in the distance.

He even came snowboarding!

Just kidding! Its Gibson, Cory's hyperactive super-dog. He likes beer, cheese and bacon!
I had fun all week chasing him chase birds, rabbits and fish...

Crashing out on the couch, after a long day of doing whatever we want!
Hanging with me in the back of the truck, probably clocking a good 80 km/h on the dirt roads. Cory following on the bike.

In blog we must.

Second best blog ever!


All the kids are running around the ghetto, yelling out how cool this website is....

and such an appropriate title she picked.

tell your fwiends and enemies.

Welcome to bush life; a little sample.

The new truck, a steep $100 for more fun than any normal vehicle can handle. The thing is built like a German tank, turns like a Porsche, although many close calls at 90mph at a cliff turn.
A bus we found, no, not the bus, but a very cool bus still. We laughed about the stories this thing could probably tell us. Very Chris McCandless-esque.
The trek up the mountain for some backcountry shredding on 4/20.
The tree stump graveyard, hidden in the canyon. Mt Thor in the background.
Experimenting with a new lens trick....turned out pretty cool, considering thats about 2 kms away...
27 e-mails, wondering if I was dead, alive or alive but almost dead.

Although my week deep in the Kootenay mountains was eventful, and among epic proportions, and despite it including I think 5 near death instances, I am happy to report I am alive, and quite content, at that..

I was hitching from Banff to Lake Louise, when I got picked up and a something better came along than a few pics of a frozen lake. I was offered to stay in a cabin deep in the Revelstoke backyards, in a canyon near a town called Beaton, British Columbia, that offered anything and everything a person could dream of.
Ive been back into town for 15 minutes, and miss it terribly. Its a good thing Ill be calling it home soon. I HAVE SO MANY STORIES TO TELL. Over 460 photos to go along with too. I have 4 days until my rendezvous with my camp/crew and Ill try to pump out all the fun details before then....

Oh, p.s., Revelstoke is paradise.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well, I'm just packing my things, on my way just down the road, to Lake Louise, where Ill be spending the night. I'm getting pretty close to my final destination, where Ill be meeting the crew and heading north. I'm getting really excited, I have everything I need, my literal and figurative batteries are charged, and I'm ready for more adventures!
Cant wait to get to the famous lake, and grab my cliche photo!

Ill be posting more soon, lots of cool stories on their way up, plus one wild ride and turn of events in Calgary!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


After an abysmal week for United, crashing out of the Champions League, losing to Chelski, and held to a nil-nil draw at Blackburn, we neeeeeeded this win.

This morning was the Manchester Derby, arguably the biggest rivalry in football on an average day, more casualties than WWII on a bad day. Today was this occasion. United had slipped up in the title race, and with anything but the 3 points today, they were almost certainly out of the running with Chelsea.
Well thanks to a certain LEGEND of a ginger, Paul Scholes, just a day after signing a new contract with his career club, headed in a 90TH minute winner to seal the victory, and ensure United were still in the hunt for the Premiership title.
After an eventful, but scoreless match that looked to be destined to end in a square, the 'man with the copper top'( quoted in the video) saved our souls.

here's the clip. WATCH IT OR WE AREN'T FRIENDS.
red or dead!

Ben Rapisburger.

I think I can remember a TV show about some serial killer who went around killing serial killers. It was a pretty cool concept, though I never watched it.

Well when I hear of pieces of shit like Ben Roethlisburger, the NFL star accused of raping a 20yr old student, I wish I was set serial killer. He says he didn't do anything. I just saw a report from the DA that she says she was forced to have sex without consent. This f*cking monster should be thrown in jail and fed noodle water for the rest of his life. I have zero tolerance for violence against women and to hear of another superstar athlete on the brink of exemption to legal matter is appalling and makes me sick.
I saw some comparison online to Tiger Woods. First of all, each and everyone of Tiger's exploits was consensual. I don't support his decisions and think infidelity is also intolerable, but Tiger's only crime was consensual infidelity. Ben Roethlisburger is a piece of shit, and I'm choosing my words carefully.
Now, should she be another girl trying to get her 15 minutes on false accusations, she has issues and deserves jail time for such serious allegations, but she submitted a handwritten account of her night with him to the DA's office, so I don't think shes making it up.

Now I can just see it; he gets convicted, charged, and his millions and the NFL ensure he's throwing a ball again next season.
Where is the justice?

Chippewa Falls, hidden beaches and greasy burgers!

I slept in. Surprise surprise. Kyla was downstairs, starting one of her paintings, and I made my way down. It was such a bright, sunny day so we shared a few cups of java on her front steps. She lived in a downtown neighbourhood, and we hung out on the steps enjoying the warm sun. I decided to stay another night, as I just wasn't 'feeling' the hitch that day. Even though it was beautiful out, I had tons of time, and besides, Kyla was too cool!
She suggested going for a hike, as she so often does, and she knew of some great spots in the area.
We packed a daybag, and headed out in her Subaru. Northern Ontario is great in some respects, especially for outdoor-minded people who like to escape the city to hang out in the trees for a bit.
We headed north about 30 mins and stopped roadside to check out Chippewa Falls, and it was such a nice spot. The falls are beautiful, and there were enough people there who knew the secret. A few fishers, a few couples, but all had cameras out, because it was really pretty. Kyla and I walked up a rock face and chilled out for a bit, watching the water rush by without direction or resistance. It was actually pretty peaceful to just sit there in he sunlight. I was thinking about the next day, hitching again, and it had me pretty excited. We walked over to the other side of the rock face and found where it was a bit calmer, and hung out, watching the slow water catch its speed before hitting the rapids. I found a big ol' log sticking out and tried to walk across it. I have the core balance of a baby deer on ice.
We hung out for a bit, before heading back to the car. She wanted to take me just a bit further down the road, to her favourite beach that she often takes her boys to.
It was a hidden rock beach, and had some really amazing secrets. There was a long stretch of sand, but out of nowhere turned into water washed pebbles and jagged rock cliffs. They were covered in vibrant mosses, bright oranges, and lime greens. It was really cool.
We walked around to the west side of the point and hunkered down. She likes coming there and digging through the peculiar stones, finding little gems of multi-coloured rocks and polished-smooth ones you never would have thought could be natural. We hung out, talked and watched the sun set over Lake Superior. I wandered off and found a few faces to scramble, and there was even a natural crag, so I tried my luck at that. Nathan needs to get some upper body strength, especially if he wants to do well treeplanting.
As the sun was setting, tummies were grumbling, so we headed back to the Soo, and she felt like going out for a bite, so we did.
We drove to the downtown core, and she showed me the eyesore that is the main strip of Sault Ste Marie. No restaurants, no decent shops, it was dirty and there was nothing for the younger crowd to do. Oh, except shop at the dozen or more old lady clothing stores that lined the street. It was like Retimans met with Tabi and had a dozen bastard children after a weekend romp in the Steel City.
So we found ourselves at a little pub, and it was exactly what I love to spend my drinking sessions in; dark, dingy pubs with outdated ads and wood panelling under old Brit themed decorations. We had a pint, and we each grabbed a big greasy burger. It was pretty yum, although I for some reason couldn't finish it, which was surprising considering when I'm hungry Ill usually eat the ceramic plate too. We had got there fairly late, and by the time we were finished yakking and making fun of the hicks next to us, packed it in.
We spent the evening hanging out, listening to music, looking through books and talking about global issues. Global issues like the decline in youth productivity, people too afraid to talk to their neighbours, and Lady Gaga. It was getting late, so we both packed it in, and I went up to check my emails and upload pics. If ever I need assistance passing out, I surf to textsfromlastnight.com some late night laughs before passing out, and I did just that.

A white Usain Bolt.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Taken at Chippewa Falls, northen Ont, by my couchsurfing homeslice Kyla!!
Im something like 5 days behind on the blog already.
Why are you such a slacker?

Well, Im too busy doing what I would be writing about, I dont have time to write. Its 3am now, and I had another amazing day, and yes I should be blogging it, but sheesh guys.

Its a comin' hold on...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wild wild wild day in the wild wild west.
I will never adjust to the rollercoaster of hitchhiking travel, today could have well been the biggest hi-low switch....

Another journey.

So I awoke to Pauly reminding me what a lazy shithead I can be in the mornings, as I had had several attempts at trying to gain a bit more sleep. I looked out the window, and saw that although there was still snow on the ground, it was sunny, and plenty nice enough to thumb a ride. Paul was leaving with our planting crew boss the next day, so we spent the morning packing our bags, making lists and getting in the 'mindset'. Treeplanting requires this, and as this trip continues, you will see why...
His Mom made yet again another amazing breakfast, and I wolfed it down as always. It was just past noon, and it was time to get on the road. I had lined up a couchsurf in the Soo,(Sault Ste Marie) and even though it was only 3hrs away, wanted to ensure I had enough daylight to make it there.
We packed B1 and B2.2 into the van, and headed west, to where I would hitch out. Hugs and kisses for Pauls Mom, as she is like a second Madre to me. She always made sure I was full and everything was good for me. I wrapped my arms around big Paul and promised him wild stories when we would reunite out in BC. He laughed, because he knew it was true, right Paul?
The weather was alright, somewhat windy, but pretty drab and grey. I waved goodbye to what was again my last sight of familiarity. I walked under the overpass and found me a great spot to hitch, where all the westbound traffic funneled, and there was a wide shoulder for cars to pull over. I propped up the bags, and pulled out my sign. I stuck my thumb out, knowing it was my ticket to another trek of shenanigans. I was just about to pull out my camera, and snap a photo of the beginning of my trip, when a car pulled to the side. It was about 1.5 minutes of waiting. A red pickup backed towards my spot, and when I approached the window, a man Id put at just over 40 smiled and said he could take me about 30 mins down the road, to another busy junction that would be good to hitch from. I took it.
Dave was a contractor, just finishing work, on his way to help his buddy fix his dirt bike. He was pretty cool, told me he used to hitch in his day, and we exchanged some stories. Most of his were involving a stumble drunk walk home after a party, hitching from small town to small town. He was born and raised in the area, and told me some neat info about the region. Like how the native reserve nearby served as the bootleg of all things illegal for everyone and their mother. He dropped me off at the junction, outside of Lively Ont. The weather was worsening, and the rain clouds were moving in. I thanked him with a handshake, and wished him well. My bags are much heavier on this trip, as I need more equipment and clothing, so it was a pain to walk from the junction to a spot where cars could pull over. Walking with these bags I quickly learned will not be fun. Its like brushing your teeth with sandpaper.
I again, plopped the bags down, and assumed the hitching position. Friendly smile? Check. Hair out of face? Check. Sign and thumb out? Check. I waited about five minutes before remembering to take a photo. Just as I was doing so, a man driving by was pointing behind me. This often happens, as people do this to let me know they would pick me up, but they're only going a block or two up the road or something.. When I turned around, there was a car backing towards me. The small silver Kia had Nova Scotia plates, which excited me, as I knew they were almost certainly crossing the country. When he rolled down the window, the jolly fellow told me he was going to Thunder Bay. I told him I would go as far as the Sault with him, and he said hop in. Trevor was a Mi'kmaq Native from Cape Breton on his way to Edmonton to work on the oil rigs. He was a nice man, far from the Natives I was used to seeing in Ottawa. We spoke of this, and the decay of Native American culture, and he had some startling arguments. He lived on a tiny reserve with his wife and two children, and left every summer to go and make his earnings to provide. I respected him immensely for this. He had no choice but to leave home to make the money he required, as there was little to no work where he was from. He sacrificed seeing his family for 5 months, to work is bollocks off 10hrs a day, and he told me he sends it all home, leaving enough to buy himself cigarettes and very cheap food. He told me horror stories that I had already envisioned about the boys and men on reserves, and how they resort to crime and drugs. He said he enjoyed a cold beer as much as the next guy, but knew that family was more important. He was a proud man, proud of who he was, his family, and his life. It was infectious. I told him how I was leaving someone very important to me, and we talked about this for a while. He had just left Ottawa that morning, and was hoping to get to 'Tunderr Bay' by nightfall. He had a very thick Native accent, although I'm not sure if they qualify as an accent. Deep voice, slow speaking and enunciated, he spoke like an old Chief in a western movie. To be honest, it was sometimes hard, as although he spoke well, it was slow. I'm like the hyper active puppy, yapping away at a mile a minute, and he said he had a tough time with my 'accent'. We had a good laugh at this too. I suggested he go through the US at Sault Ste Marie, and pop up in Winnipeg, as it shaves about 10hrs off the looong haul through Ontario. If you have ever driven from southern Ontario to Thunder Bay or further, you'll know what I'm talking about. The 18hr drive of nothing but rocks and trees, trees and rocks gets a little monotonous to say the least.
He liked my idea, and took my suggestion since he had a passport. I didn't know how they would treat his chainsaw in the backseat at customs, but told him he should be fine, since he was only cutting through without plans to live or work Stateside. He dropped me off near the border, and I was actually pretty tempted to go across with him. I wasn't sure how they were there, but I'd heard they're stricter than a Nun in a Catholic high school, so decided not to risk hours of interrogation, as I would be hitching across.
I walked to the information centre, which of course was closed. I would soon learn the entire city shuts down conveniently at dinner time. I then walked to a nearby hotel to suck their Internet powers. I contacted Kyla, my host for the night, and told her where I was. As lady luck would have, she lived just around the corner and walked over to meet me. She was a super cool girl, who later told me she was 38 when I would have but her at 24. She helped me carry my body bag to her house, and we talked about surfers, and traveling. She was a long time snowboard rep for some of the biggest names in the industry, but left it all to pursue her love of art. She owns a really cool house downtown that reminded me of a hostel, the way it was decorated. I immediately felt at home with her, she was easy to talk to and could relate about traveling as she had done quite a bit herself. She let me take my pic of bedrooms, and I of course chose the one with the bigger bed, as I'm a sprawler.
We hung out on her big comfy couch, and talked about anything and everything. She had an 18yr old son, and we talked stories of 'boys being boys', among other things. Her cat Rita, named after Bob Marley's wife, was the first cat I have ever actually liked. I HATE cats. They're weird and useless in my opinion, but her cat was so entertaining. It was a grey kitten who was wilder than a German moustache competition. When dinner time came, she whipped up this awesome veggie pasta dish, and I inhaled it, as I hadn't eaten since early breaky. I went up to check my emails and such, and was trying really hard not to fall asleep. I went back down, and we kept our great convos going, and threw on some music, while I looked through some of her books. She told me how she was raised by parents who were uber hippie(a family photo of her father proved right; he looked like Willie Nelson mixed with post-India Lennon) She was such a cool person to hang out with, she had great stories, and a wealth of knowledge. It was getting late for the both of us, so she called it a night, while I went up to check my emails, and of course the daily football news. I fell asleep rather quickly, and loved the big warm bed, despite its creaky complaining.

Monday, April 12, 2010

.....walking into Chapters and putting all the Bibles in the fiction section....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just arrived into the 'Soo', or Sault Ste Marie, rather.
Nothing crazy to report, two quick rides that took me the 300kms from Sudbury here. I'm waiting to meet up with Kyla, who I contacted off of couchsurfing.com and Ill hopefully be able to get online this evening. If I do, my daily bread will be up for you to munch out on...

Leaving, without a jet plane.

Well I'm finally leaving, after delaying for two days due to the poor conditions, its finally decent enough to be standing on the side of the highways.
Its stopped falling, but theres enough snow on the ground to still make you think winter is only just arriving. You wouldn't guess that its April.
I'm all packed and ready to go, and I'm just checking emails before breakfast, and after filling up on some good, morning energy, Ill be driven to the shoulder of the hwy, and I will begin another cross Canada adventure from there. I'm more than excited. The way I travel; I can expect something unexpected, and know that at the end of every day, something great will have happened that I had no control over. Ever day is a story, everyday is a wild adventure. Hopefully this trumps my American adventures.(minus the 9mm)
I have everything into 2 neat bags, the original B1, the tall blue rucksack, and I picked up one of my other bags to act as B2. The North Face makes a product that set the standards of equipment bags. The Base Camp duffel bag, its an uber strong, uber waterproof bag, and Ive grabbed a couple. I have two XLs, both black. Theyre 110L (alot) and that holds all of my gear, and I never have to worry about ripping or dirtying them. And I know everything inside is dry. I only brought one with me this time, plus a base camp mini, and B2, my daypack.
Ive been checking the weather forecasts, and we'll be averaging temperatures in the 'teens during the day, dropping to around zero at night. My sleeping bag, liner winter clothes and hammock can have me down to as far as -20, which is freezing cold, but not as cold as you think, and not that Ill be seeing those numbers. It will get chilly, especially if on the first leg of this hitch, I cannot find places to stay, and Im forced to set camp outside. Fingers crossed.
I think Im pretty much good to go, Ill be spending the next little while in the remote bush, away from the luxuries and amenities of life. And I love it. Theres only one thing Im missing...

Friday, April 9, 2010

You can fill the space between the ears with THIS.

what I'm listening to at the moment...

home-edward sharpe and the zeros.
vcr-the xx's
all my friends-lcd soundsystem
and anything by the Feist, particularly her older stuff. of course Royskopp or a little Simon and Garfunkel. lots of Beatles, the Bravery and recently a bit more Paul Oakenfold.

I am still undecided as to my hitching future. Its still blizzardy out, not really, but enough to keep me off the road, and I'm not usually worried about much...Its 240pm and I haven't yet a clue. Ice and snow, poor visibility...
Ive decided to watch a movie and see how it is in an hour or so...
Its the Bourne Ultimatum if you're interested ha.
I keep just staring out the window, wondering what I should do.
It looks like a Christmas album cover outside, and I want to be in it. But its cold. Very cold.
I'm hanging out on Google Earth, and just scrolling around, it makes me want to just say 'to heck with it' and go, but Paul's right when he says I shouldn't. Its too dangerous(the roads) and too cold. Maybe in a bit....
I don't know what I'm more bummed about, the brutal weather, or the fact that my camera wont allow me to show you....
I awoke pretty fuzzy eyed, after finally seeing Avatar 3D. I think I might have been one of the last few people on the planet who had not seen it. At least that's how it felt.
My opinion? Overrated. People were telling me it was life changing. It was a groundbreaking film for sure, but it wasn't what I was expecting. It was actually kinda lame and I fell asleep towards the end.
So yes, I awoke a little groggy this morning. I really had to rub my eyes when I saw the sights that awaited me outside. It. looks. like. Christmas. There are big fluffy flakes whirling aimlessly outside, dancing in the harsh wind. There's half a foot of snow, and it only looks like alot more is coming.
Its pretty crappy weather to be hitching, but I'm going to take the gamble. I didn't go out last night due to the ice(which was a good decision; lots of accidents) but today is the 9th, and I need to get on the road. I have a place to stay in Sault Ste Marie, a girl replied to my couchsurf request. Ther'es even surfers in the Sault! I'm trying to get out there sooner than later. I'm also pretty excited thinking what awaits for me on this journey. Should be some more crazy times.
I wish I could put up a photo, but just picture white. And then add a decrepit tree and more white.
So the verdict is; I will be starting this trip and hitching today! Ill just have to bundle up..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm waiting a few minutes, the weather outside is pretty bad. To be specific, hail, sleet and freezing rain, ice on the roads and visibility is weaker than Bill Nye in an arm wrestle.
And my computer isn't recognizing memory cards again, lovely.

Bayern Munich knocked United out yesterday, and Im sad. Like really sad. Like in the first AirBud when the boy had to give the dog away. You cried, dont lie.
Friggen Arjen Robben scored, and we had a man sent-off, to see them through, forcing us to lose on away goals. Away goals! Bloimey.
Red or dead.

match highlights.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am map.

"I think the world needs to look at more maps of the world". Paul stated this simply at lunch yesterday, I was looking at a big, old hardcover world atlas.
He's right.
I could make this a post in itself, a lengthy one at that, but rather Ill just post a few of my current maps, of the trip coming today.I'm going to get dropped off fairly early, well before noon, along the highway.
My sign will read Adventure Traveler BC and hopefully that will serve as my boarding pass for another unforgettable trip and wild stories, for you to follow!

Smithers is the top red dot where the Blue and Red lines meet in BC. We would then get to see Denali National Park in AK, which is just above the 'cho' in Anchorage on the map.
The Red line is what I have hitched(last summer, '09)
The Blue line is what I could hitch, should I A)get into the US, and B)time permitting.
I could potentially hit new cities such as St Paul, it's twin Minneapolis, Bismarck, Helena(Ive always wanted to go to Montana) and maybe even Seattle, and shoot up the coast. Or pop up in Alberta and see the Rockies before the Okanagan Valley, then head north. Still undecided.
It would be easier on the Canadian side(for a number of hitch-related reasons).

Hitching to Smithers and Quesnel would also require me to hitch THIS infamous highway. I dont want to get into it, rather let you see the website. The aptly named Highway of Tears. Id like to hitch it, particularly to cross it off on the 'hitched' list, but also due to the serious history of the pass.

Blue markers indicate Highway of Tears, Red is hitching route. Time permitting, head south to Okanagan Valley, friends, and possible quick work.
The hitch I would do in Alaska, where I would camp in Denali National Park. See my campsite? Its right there, see? That's my campsite. Denali is full of mountains, bears and everything else in an Ansel Adams photograph.Additional generic comedic metaphor.
Alright, well I'm back. I'm more sporadic than a chimpanzee in a sushi bar. Picture that.

Well Ive just been hiding out, more or less, in Sudbury. I'm here with my planting buddy Paul. He lives just northwest of Sudbury in a small town. I travelled with him out west last summer, and we spent the better part of 8 months traveling and working. He was also witness to 90% of the crap I got myself into which in turn affected him. Hes the man, and get used to the name, because I always manage to enable ridiculous events to unravel in front of him, and he complaints and comments will have you on his team. For example, I just cashed a cheque for him. It was for $400. It was forgotten about and stuffed in the bottom of a backpack while he wandered and worked in Australia for the past 5 months. It was days before reaching its un-cashable deadline, and was complete with rips, tears and unknown stains. He is funny like that.
I'm planning to watch the ever important Man United match today; the UCL 2nd leg Quarterfinal vs Bayern Munchen. F*ck ze Germans. They need a win, and it needs to happen. Come on you legends!

Then, permitting this crappy weather I'm staring at holds, I will try today, and if not, early morning tmrw to hitch west, getting to Smithers BC by April 30th. We then take a truck/bus to camp. That's where Ill be planting first contract. Ill want to get all of my crap ready, make sure everything is good to go. Ill have cameras, lenses, wires and junk, computer and junk and more junk with me that will need to be packed and ready, and of course waterproofed before I go into the bush. Ill be posting pics of my final gear before I go, in case anyone's curious.
Today I aired out my tent, sleeping bag, hammock, bags and crap to rid of the mixture of smells. It was campfire meets America. It smelled like Daniel Boone.
As I'm packing my things for another long haul, yet again, I'm starting to think a bit more, and realize now just what exactly it is that I'm doing. I had a good laugh with myself this morning about hitchhiking, thinking of stories, what Ive seen and heard, what society thinks blah blah. It was pretty good actually. I'm really excited this time. I don't exactly have millions to drop on this trip, but I think Ill be alright.
I'm undecided as to which route I want to take. Ive already hitched the Trans Can Hwy 1, and I'm not exactly excited about doing something Ive already done. I like new routes. I even thought about bolting way north, and hitch the tundra line, and come down where I'm planting, way north in BC. To hitch the Tundra line would be pretty cool, in my books.
I'm keen on the possibility of hitching through the upper states, Ive never been to Montana, and have always wanted to go. It would also be faster than hitching through Ontario. The 20hrs to Manitoba is bollocks! I will be hitting Sault Ste Marie on the first day of my hitch, and will need to know then if I'm staying in Canada and going north, or want to hitch through the states again, Michigan, the Dakotas, and of course Montana. I could even dip into Wyoming if I was having good luck.
As I'm packing, getting my last loads of laundry in, and doing my prep to make sure I have everything, I'm getting beyond anxious. I'm like a nerd glued to the backseat window of his parents station wagon when pulling into Legoland.
I have almost everything I need. I left a really good pair of boots in Miami. Those brown ones my producer bought me, they were comfy and had cool laces. Now they are probably in a drainage ditch, or on some poor peddler's feet. I bought a pair last week, at the Honest Ed's famous thrift store. They were $10 worth about $2. I was hoping to plant a while in them, but I doubt they'll last the hitch there.
Other than that, I'm all equipped, and ready to go, for the most part. Spreading my stuff out, it looks like the Outside Magazine Buyer's guide. I hauled that stuff around all over the place, and didn't have to use almost any of it.... But I guess its what you call 'insurance', as when I cut myself trying to be Survivorman and have a bleeding booboo, Ill need to be alright.


As I almost always do, I have again left this window open for hours while I do other things around the computer, like fold my stuff, pack and write lists. Now that I write this, I have just found out United lost to the Germans, and are out of the Champions League, which is pretty much a bigger bummer than finding there's no toilet paper left in a strange house. United needed to go through on only one goal difference, and they conceded in the 74th, never rebounding from Robben's goal. F*CK. That's like pouring a big bowl of delicious cereal, only to find your roommate has sucked the carton dry. Even with Rooney, we're out of 2/3 trophies, and can only focus on the Premiership. Rubbish!

Well I'm getting ready. Last night with Paul before we reconvene in BC, and my last night with familiarity. Starting tmrw, Ill be hitchhiking again, in the same style. No spending, and lets see what happens! Pretty excited thinking what kind of stuff I can get my nose into this time!
Anyways, you'll be reading all about it.
So what do you lot reckon? Go through the States? Or stay on Hwy 1 with the Canadians?


Ok Ive decided to put up maps.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vhere in ze verld eez Nate?

He is in Sudberia.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And so it begins...

I just got dropped off in Sudbury, Im waiting to meet my mate where Ill spend the next few days before I leave here to hitch west. Pretty excited, although leaving Toronto is always hard....

Posts on the way!