I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

The last few days I spent in Miami were pretty relaxed, knowing that I was leaving. I still kept with the same perspective, and although I hadn't been interviewing too many, or getting some good footage, I was still out and about, wandering around, meeting people and relying on their generosity to sustain. Even in the 'coldest' city Id been to in a while, I was still able to find amazing people who were capable of genuinely caring for a complete stranger.
I had talked to so many about these concepts, and asking possible scenarios. Things like; "Say for example you witnessed a fight, or mugging, what would you do?" Or "if someone, like me for instance, knocked at your door, said they were in need of a meal and a phone, would you provide it?" I would word it in a way that was slightly more approachable, but you get the point.
The answers differed, but it was almost split down the middle. Half would shut the door and lock it, the other half(some with hesitation) would welcome. A very small percentage said 'yes' immediately, and I believed them. Another small percentage looked at me like I had just started preaching a Hitler speech, and told me "f*ck no, I wouldn't let you on my front lawn".
If I ever saw a Canadian, or a backpacker (I did end up seeing about 4 more before I left) I would approach them and ask them a few questions. "Have you noticed a difference between the way Americans and Canadians treat you?" "How have people responded to you, as a backpacker?"
These are just some quick snippets. I promise this film is going to drop jaws, and not only because of the crazy crap I would do!

Anyways, I wont be filming quite as much while I hitch to Alaska, but I will be when the scenes are right. I'm undecided as to whether or not I want to continue with the same motive, and rely on others, but the idea of contrasting my experiences with America vs a cross-Canada hitch would be pretty interesting...
I WILL however be relying on others for places to sleep. Hotels suck. Its only fun when its on a card the owner doesn't care about, so you get to throw the mattress out the 10th floor window, empty the mini-fridge and put at least 2 holes into the wall. No, I'm kidding, but hotels do suck. They are more of a false promise than the Bush campaign. Continental breakfasts are NEVER worth waking up before 10am. Hostels are better in my opinion-more fun, but their services and cleanliness are like a smile from a drive thru employee; possible, but more or less non existent.
So the trip north will be pretty exciting, Ill be doing lots, and seeing lots, meeting tons of new characters, and hopefully having them let me roll out my sleeping bag in their guest bedroom.
Now Ill get some pics and words sorted so you can see what Ive been up to!