I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the road again...

After waking in the girls room, we hung out for a bit, munched some left over pizza, and split just before noon. Every door in the building had a white board, and I was just too tempted to leave some old NORTS all over the place. I pictured everyone waking up, asking who the hell was NORT?
Its the hitchhiker from Canada with a funny accent, silly neener head.

So back into the sunshine, we went through the student car park. It was full of imports, new SUVs and high end compacts. It was a clear indication of the income at the school, and I pictured kids piling into cars going skiing for the weekend, or day trips to NYC shopping. As much as I was slightly envious of seeing the student life again, I was dying to get on the road, and continue what I love so much. I realized I wouldn't be happy here for more than a few days. The feelings that followed my thoughts of hitching to a new place, and new faces thrilled me well beyond campus life. I had experienced it, and lived it in Canada, and didn't feel I was missing out. Although the food buffets would be a bonus. We made it back to the TKE house in no time, and I went upstairs to quickly pack my things. Ryan, the driver, said he could take me to UDEL, University of Delaware. I got Bi and B2 together, along with my new souvenir Tshirts, and thanked each and every guy for the good times. They had completely opened their lives, rooms and trust to me; a strange hitchhiker which pushes any boundary of trust in America. I am forever in their debt. Just as I was leaving, Tonk pulled me upstairs and handed me his number and enough money for an emergency meal should I ever find myself hard pressed.
Its people like him, TKE and so many others before that make this trip possible. I told him it wasn't a one time thing, and that I would be back someday to do it all over again.
I had a chat with Chris, a cool guy and found out he actually is in the military and served overseas. It was crazy to hear about a guy my age fighting in the war. Though we didn't talk too much, he was a good guy in my books, despite his Pam Anderson-esque tattoo.
As much as I was ready to go, I did feel like I was leaving my homies. I was from a different world to them, and them to I, and it was mutually new. I think I might have inspired a few of them to push for what they want in life, and they opened my mind to a plethora of ideas and feelings, as well as reigniting some old ones.
I didn't take too many photos during my stay there, almost entirely video footage, but on my way down the stairs, I stopped to take one to sum up the entire weekend.
They were everywhere, and it was a token and culmination of the TKE lifestyle.

Boys, It was a fucking show. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I did yours, I will be telling your stories of wild antics and hilarious quotes for years to come.

Now wheres the Tylenol?