I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anderson Cooper; He's lucky hes family, or he'd be out a job.

Seriously. Not only is this guy totally a figure of bias for the USA from CNN(in case you didn't know, he has family relations that create bias and controversial propaganda claims) [proof] but he's got to be one of the dumbest spoon-fed people on the planet, certianly the media. And CNN is just the most biased, terrible media corporation on the friggen planet. I chose my words very carefully, as it would be full of expletives.
And guess what? He has a blog!! I just stumbled across an entry of his, entitled "28 things I wish I knew before I started travelling".
Ill warn you, its one of the dumbest things Ive read.(travellers point of view) It blows like a gale force wind in a tunnel the size of Gary Coleman.

Examples; #3 Take lots of cash with you. Yes, empty your CNN payroll and stuff it into the money belt you think those kids don't know about, know about. Dumbass. If anything, say take lots of small bills, to pay off instead of rollin' with the 20s like you're Tony Montana. Dumbass.
Everything he said about taxis was dumber than the first. The police couldn't give a flying fart if your cabbie dropped you off in the 'hot' district with a cheeky grin.
#18. The concept of personal space means very different things in different countries. You kind of have to get used to that. -Yeah Anderson, I guess we kind of have to get used to people being different in different places. (how is he on TV??)
Next he tells us we should be somewhat tolerant of smoking. Well you unbelievable incompetent, you have to be tolerant of everything you normally despise when you immerse yourself into a foreign place. ....So is NBC hiring?
He also continues to so kindly provide us with the most obvious and useless of tips. Did their travel editor read that crap? The thought of that clean shaven, comb-overed GQ look alike in a war zone reporting how 'hostile the situation is' makes me laugh more than the "leave Britney alone guy".
Basically Mr Cooper, don't be American anywhere but America. Shitty buzz for the 200 million who have this sad reality. Except Paris Hilton, she represents all that the world should aspire to be. She's like, such an inspiration, for like, us all.