I am currently on the road, hitchhiking around the world shooting a documentary, or twelve. I am hoping to inspire those around me through unorthodox, and sometimes extreme methods of living. I have decided that in order to accurately measure and also to enable the best possible footage I will not spend a single dollar on food, shelter, transportation or anything personal for the next full year, and only sustain on what has been generously and spontaneously provided for me.
After witnessing enough negative behaviour in complete strangers to complete strangers to last a lifetime, I have decided to set out to accomplish many things. Prove the world is not such a nasty place full of untrustworthy people, open the minds of society that anything is possible, and that a new friend or opportunity is just a conversation away. When common courtesy seems to have evaded us in 2010, I am setting out in search of the good in the human race. Where have all the good people gone?
I will use my social skills, resourceful thinking and life experiences to accomplish a highly controversial move; travel the globe on less than $500 and breakdown every sterotype and false perception. Its going to be tough sometimes, but I know that what is waiting for me will rock the socks off of everyone reading this. Just wait 'til you see the videos.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hokay, so this is the earth. It is round....remember that?

Well I guess I'm just going to dive right into it.
The Rwandan Contract is still on day-to-day hiatus, so instead....
The plan is a non-stop world circumnavigation. I will be amounting as many countries and experiences as geographically and safely possible. The locations and experiences will vary depending on the circumstances, and the overall trip is for the most part directionless, with direction, if you can understand my ridiculous thought process. I have several ideas, motives and goals for this project, and Ill explain them to you over time.
Rather than just posting my saved documents of plans, proposals etc, Ill spare you and post the highlights.

The world is our oyster. Today, society has bred us into a mold full of fear. We live in a world controlled by this fear, paralyzed at the thought of extreme danger imminent to our lives. Common courtesy, respect and open minds are long forgotten, A world of selfish, hateful, fearful minds now exist. But this 'world' is only North America. And the rest of the real World suffers. The travel industry is the worst hit in this Fox News, Bush Administration, iPod controlled epidemic.
The world is not a scary place full of terrorists, rapists, gangsters, criminals, crackheads and murderers, lurking around corners to pop out, steal our coats, hack us up and leave with our Hannah Montana filled iPod. Rather, it is filled with people paralyzed by their fears of this reality who in turn sacrifice compassion, courtesy, an open mind, unbelievable experiences, new friends, cultures and places. The 'box' that is the mundane life they're invested in, against all of their youthful aspirations. Ive had a few recent chats with friends about this topic, and some of them were a little 'soda pop' inspired. Yes we got into the pints and ranted about the decline of general society. The sterotypes and lack of common courtesy is so visible, and its like watching a trainwreck.
This journey is an attempt at many things. Many things will (hopefully) be accomplished. My main aspirations (besides the obvious, and previously mentioned circumnavigation and travel methods) I want to A) Prove to the world that it is not as scary as they say(Ill elaborate further..) B) Search for the greater good of humanity, in a time where I am convinced the general 'good' in people of the Western world as escaped.>(Although a majority of my trip will be in the third world, it will be a comparison to the Western world. USA can be argued as a biased example of this 'fear' and all that comes with, but it will prove a proper background.) C) Initiate a hitchhiking revival. The secret subculture that is viewed negatively needs to prove its position in the mainstream interaction of people and places. Its the best way to meet people travelling.

Sounds ambitious, and happy-go-lucky, but I know that combining my beliefs, interests, motives and lifestyle into one big ball of I-don't-know-what will provide the exact outcome I'm after; success on a large scale, in my own style. It has been done before, and it was successful. It also took a very long time, so I'm going to plan a proper schedule that will accommodate any necessary changes. And if anyone can do it, I know I can....
So in theory, a hitchhiking world tour, without leaving the surface, relying solely on the generosity of others. A full globetrott, experiencing as many countries as geographically possible, and faces and spaces as socially possible. Plan the route accordingly to maximize exposure and distance. No "No"s. Advertise; media and public awareness. No pre-planning, (ie couchsurfing, HC, hostels, arranged rides etc) Rather accept the opportunities and what is momentarily offered. I am putting myself into the mercy of the general public, in strange places. Im going to do an 'extreme stunt', if you will, to prove that this can be done, let alone enjoying a country off the tourist path....
In search of humanity in 2010. Where have all the good people gone?
I will produce a video documentary during this expedition, most likely a final product at the end of the journey. This can take a very long time, and although I plan to travel continuously for quite a while, I have the equipment and what I believe are the skills needed to pull off my vision into a production. I want to illustrate my ideas on how the world should work, vs how it currently operates. I want to exploit the contrary of the societal stereotypes. I want to meet every kid who shares the same passions I do, and let them know that anything is possible.

And to be honest, on the flip side, Ive met the skeptics, critics, and straight up doubters. I realize the ambition and magnitude of such a trip, and the risks and potential outcomes. I know what to expect, but its that you cant expect anything. In a situation like this, it will be at times left up to fate, or whatever it may be to control what I cannot. I'm seeing both sides of the fence, its its a go-ahead green field. The risks are imminent, but not a stop factor. To be honest, I'm more worried about the police, than the street gangs and thieves.

More to come...